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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept insurance?

I partner with several companies of which I am credentialed under various insurance companies in Minnesota & Florida. If you do not see your insurance plan listed, feel free to message me and discuss further alternative options. 


How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions are typically 45-55 minutes.

How often should I attend therapy? 

How often you attend therapy is ultimately up to each individual client and unique situation. Most clients attend sessions weekly or bi-weekly. You can choose how often you want to attend based on your own needs and situation. 

Please keep in mind, you will get from therapy, what you put into it; therefore, if you are seeking faster results & have financial limitations, I would recommend weekly therapy sessions along with active, DAILY, practice on skills/techniques discussed in session. 

Do you offer in-person sessions? 
I am only able to offer online sessions at this time. 

I hope to be able to provide in-person sessions in the near future. 

Do you only offer video chat sessions or can we talk on the phone? 

If preferred, telephone sessions are provided; however, I do require that the initial session is completed via video so I can meet each client face-to-face. If you prefer this option, we can discuss further in session what this will look like. 

Session fees remain the same regardless of if you choose to attend sessions via phone. 

Are my records kept private & confidential?  

If you choose to pay privately, there is no requirement for a diagnosis and all information is kept strictly confidential. Only the client/guardian (for minors) can give permission for therapist to speak with other providers, including any and all medical providers. Before communication is made with any alternative providers, a release of information is required and needs to be on file. 

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