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kp counseling


KP Counseling was created under the premise of improving accessibility to mental health services and providing affordable and easily attainable services. 

Various service package(s) & payment options to choose from to accommodate all schedules and budgets. 

Intake/Diagnostic Assessment(s)

1:1 virtual therapy session(s)

Digital resources

Individual session

 Our online therapy services are designed to provide the same level of care and support as an in-person session, so you can receive quality care from the comfort of your own home.

Diagnostic Assessments

Diagnostic Assessments are completed at initial session and and play a critical role in the success of therapy. These assessments assist in determining an accurate diagnosis and identifying the most appropriate course of treatment for the client. 

Session fees range from $85-$120

Digital content & e-books

  • access to all worksheets, handouts, and educational content

  • access to entire e-book library

  •  access to all digital content 

    • video clips​

    • podcasts

    • social media content

    • app recommendations

    • digital images & printable posters

  • access to monthly newsletter(s) & archives

included for clients


Fees & billing rates are based on standard private pay & insurance reimbursement rates 

kp counseling therapy

Thoughts from the therapist...

It can be intimidating to look for a therapist, particularly when already in a state of chronic distress. Having a positive dynamic and building a sense of trust with a provider is key.

I would encourage anyone looking for a therapist to spend some time reflecting on what they hope to gain out of therapy and, as best able, identifying particular areas that seem to cause difficulty in daily life functioning and/or causing reduced quality of life. ​

I understand that therapy can be a costly investment. Therefore, I believe that setting up clients for success is as important as the therapy itself. ​

Here are some suggestions for gaining the most out of your therapy journey. ​

  • Attend therapy regularly and consistently.

  • Take notes at your sessions & reflect on them.

  • Make an active effort to implement coping skills & habits into your everyday routine. 

  • Do your best to avoid distractions when attending sessions & refrain from using the phone, driving, and/or completing other tasks that will limit your attention and focus.

As a therapist, I am here to educate, teach, guide, and support clients in their journey towards improved mental health. 

The REAL work comes from YOU!


All my best, Kara 

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